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Last Post 04 Jun 2018 02:19 PM by  johntimber
Mother claims GAA ‘bullying’ her child
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04 Jun 2018 02:19 PM

    To me this highlights a lot of what is wrong with society today.Seriously someone needs to sit this lad down & say its under 15 one gives a sh!t...get your bag and go to school!! 33 days from school missed is a hell of a lot of education...No one is bullying him...he's just not getting his way & feels like he's being unfairly treated!!The bigger question here is, how did he get registered to play for Birr in the first place? I think someone somewhere isn't been entirely honest here!! The rule is there...& it's the same for every player over Crinkle Birr why challenge it, why say the GAA is bullying someone when the fact is that to give in to this would create an even bigger problem!!The Ken Casey thing is completely fact it's nothing to do with it at all because its a transfer out of Offaly for a start...this is a young ladrying to get his own way when the rules say you can't have something!!The GAA needs to tell Conor to stop being such a drama queen, go & play for Crinkle or don't bother & play something else.

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