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Our Games Promotion Officer is Will Lillis and he has been with Cluain Tarbh since 2019. 
Will is originally from Cluain Tarbh but prior to becoming the GPO here he was on the other side of St. Anne's Park with neighbours Raheny.
Will works intensively with local schools and our nursery as well as supporting the club’s own mentors and players. Will is always available to talk with parents whose children are interested in becoming involved with Gaelic games at the club. 
You can contact Will by email


Coaching News

The purpose of the coaching page is to make accurate, relevant and interesting content readily available to all coaches in the club. I will be posting below on different coaching issues, feel free to mail me if you have any topics you want covered. The views expressed will be my own, and they will be based on my years of experience coaching Gaelic games. Yours in sport, Stephen Behan

Hi folks, welcome to our rebooted coaching blog. We will be putting regular updates on this page and covering lots of different coaching topics. To start us off today, we will deal with the basic pathway of coaching. We will deal with more technical aspects of coaching in the future and feel free to mail me with any suggestions you may have.

Now most of you probably got involved in coaching through your children. A lot of you were probably standing on the sideline down at the nursery when someone like me or Ollie Mangan dragged you in to help out with a game or a drill. The following week you are a little more involved and then before you know it, you are a lead mentor responsible for fifty odd kids! To start with, you will pick up games/drills as you go along and just repeat them each week. Most new coaches will attend a couple of beginners coaching workshops in the club and pick up another few tips.

The next step on the coaching ladder would be to complete a foundation coaching award. In this you would learn about the role of the coach, the differences in coaching various age groups, and a very detailed breakdown of each individual skill. You will be taught how to introduce a new skill and be given an overview of the importance of the fundamental movement skills, as well as how to develop them. You will be introduced to different game formats and how to manipulate them to suit your own needs, alongside a host of other tips. Now for those of you who have not done the course yet, that may sound like a lot but believe me, its not bad at all, only a couple of evenings work and you are fully qualified.

To progress further you would have to complete an Award One course. Here we are exploring many of the foundation topics in more detail, but also looking at tactics, teamwork, physical fitness and psychological focus. After that there is an Award Two, which I recently took and at the top of the pile is the award Award 3 course. (I have never met anyone who has actually completed it so it has a slightly mythical quality among Dublin GAA coaching circles!!)

The Dublin county board have recently started running specialised courses; in goalkeeping, running mechanics and resistance training which are available to all, alongside the numerous workshops that we run in the club throughout the year. There has never been more coaching resources available online with a huge amount of videos containing some great material. I have recently returned to college myself and am learning things about coaching that I never knew existed.  The GAA have recently set up a fantastic resource for coaching, I urge you all to check out the link, fantastic for planning age appropriate sessions.

My point is this, there is no end to our journey as coaches. It is a continuous progression. The pathway I have laid out above may seem like a nice linear progression but it is the same as everything in life, you will have your ups and your downs. Take every top coach from all sports, they all say the same thing, they never stop learning. The moment you think you know it all is the day you start moving backwards.

For those of you who are just starting out on your coaching journey, don’t panic, we have all been there. The support system is there to help you; be it through me, through the courses above, or through talking to other coaches. Whatever issue you may face, the chances are someone else has gone through it before and is willing to share their solutions with you. So don’t be afraid to go out and have fun. Make mistakes and learn from them, try new things, and don’t be afraid to ask for help as I guarantee you someone else has already made the same one. Who knows, perhaps the mistakes you make now could help the next coach coming up the line.

Failing all the above just make sure you have a coffee or a baby in your hand at the nursery so we can’t rope you into help!!!!!

Yours in sport


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