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Our Games Promotion Officer is Will Lillis and he has been with Cluain Tarbh since 2019. 
Will is originally from Cluain Tarbh but prior to becoming the GPO here he was on the other side of St. Anne's Park with neighbours Raheny.
Will works intensively with local schools and our nursery as well as supporting the club’s own mentors and players. Will is always available to talk with parents whose children are interested in becoming involved with Gaelic games at the club. 
You can contact Will by email


Coaching News

The purpose of the coaching page is to make accurate, relevant and interesting content readily available to all coaches in the club. I will be posting below on different coaching issues, feel free to mail me if you have any topics you want covered. The views expressed will be my own, and they will be based on my years of experience coaching Gaelic games. Yours in sport, Stephen Behan

‘Being a good keeper is like being a good person….no matter how many goals you save, some people will only remember you for the one that you missed’.

The life of a goalkeeper is a lonely one, and some would even call it a vocation. I think the quote above sums it up,  the goalie always gets remembered for the one they let in, or the bad kickout they made. Thinking back to the 2014 all Ireland football final, and the stand out memory is the Donegal keeper’s poor kick-out leading to a Kerry goal which ultimately separated the teams. In that instant all the great saves and superb kick-out’s were forgotten by many. It is a tough position to play, but one that is vitally important for any team.

Last week the clubs senior goalkeeper, Ross O’Hanlon, gave up his time to give a fantastic goalkeepers clinic to many of the young aspiring keepers in the club. It was great to see so many avail of the clinic, and really encouraging that several players from the same teams attended. This is showing us that mentors are not pigeonholing our young players into any one position, which is fantastic for the overall development of any player.

Ross had some excellent, simple messages for any young goalie;

  • Catch ball in front of body - no risk of ball bouncing off chest into attacker’s path
  • Knee behind ball on ground to be safe when collecting low balls. 
  • Practice moving sideways in the goal to be prepared to dive at any moment. 
  • When a forward is advancing on goal, move forward to narrow angle. Plant feet to prepare to dive. Know your angles - cover near post. You don’t have to be right beside it but should be able to touch it.
  • Get used to diving - knee to ground first, followed by hip, followed by shoulder. Dive forward not back and protect ball with body. 
  • As soon as you make a save get up and get ready to make another one. Or get ready to be tackled by on-rushing forward.
  • A goalkeepers stance is important – knees bent and on your toes.

We have uploaded some more advanced goalkeeping drills on the coaching page, and will be running further clinics throughout the year. 

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