Games Promotion Officer - Will Lillis


Our Games Promotion Officer is Will Lillis and he has been with Cluain Tarbh since 2019. 
Will is originally from Cluain Tarbh but prior to becoming the GPO here he was on the other side of St. Anne's Park with neighbours Raheny.
Will works intensively with local schools and our nursery as well as supporting the club’s own mentors and players. Will is always available to talk with parents whose children are interested in becoming involved with Gaelic games at the club. 
You can contact Will by email


Coaching News

The purpose of the coaching page is to make accurate, relevant and interesting content readily available to all coaches in the club. I will be posting below on different coaching issues, feel free to mail me if you have any topics you want covered. The views expressed will be my own, and they will be based on my years of experience coaching Gaelic games. Yours in sport, Stephen Behan

The Coaching Pathway

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Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
Picture this. You arrive at for a training session that you are taking at the time we are supposed to start,  the kids are going mental, you are trying to set out some cones, then you realise the balls need to be pumped or you are missing some sliothars. You finally get the session going but the kids are still acting up, they are giddy now and it's very hard to control them. You are frustrated and its already fifteen minutes into the session. You roar at some child who won't stop messing and there is little or no coaching done. You are mentally and physically drained when the session finally ends. Sound familiar?

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I just got sent a fantastic article about the benefits of rewarding a player as a coach. The article is by John Morrison, and I'm sure that any who have seen him in action will agree, that he is one of the top coaches in Ireland. It talks about the benefits of a positive discipline approach. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with the content.

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Coaching children has its ups and downs. As a coach, you feel you have done everything possible to prepare the team for a game. The training has been going well, they are mastering the skills, then all of a sudden you get brought back down to earth by a team you thought you would beat easily! What happened? You had the superior skills but the other team just had something that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. The winning or losing of the game is not important in the grand scheme of things but its bugging you how the lesser team put one over on you. They seemed to be able to create scores easily and defended effortlessly. Sound familiar?

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