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Under County Bye-Law, the annual Players regrading season (Championship only) will open for the calendar month of January 2021. Attached please find Football regrading request form. These forms must be completed in FULL and signed by both the Applicant and her Club Secretary.  


A copy of the 2021 form is attached, closing date is January 31st. Regrading is required for adult competitions only, but an underage player who has played adult football may need to regrade if she wishes to play on a lower team. It is the player who makes the application, managers/clubs should plan in advance and discuss with the relevant players. See Bye-Laws, in particular Bye-Law 17.1 b.      


“A club may regrade no more than seven players per team annually except where a new second or subsequent new team is being affiliated – where an additional 5 players may be regraded to an existing or a newly formed team. Players seeking to be regraded must write to the County Committee outlining the reasons why they are looking to be regraded. Players must submit their regrading requests on or before the February County Committee meeting or a specially convened meeting for this purpose; NO regrading requests will be heard after this date. Players who have not fielded for the previous three seasons are not required to regrade.” 



Note: For convenience, forms attached are in WORD and PDF format for both HURLING and FOOTBALL.

Football Regrading PDF

Football Regrading DOC