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Adult Men's Regrading


Under County Bye-Law, the annual Players regrading season (Championship only) will open for the calendar month of January 2021. Attached please find Hurling and Football regrading request forms. These forms must be completed in FULL and signed by both the Applicant and his Club Secretary.  


Due to the ongoing pandemic regrading forms should be scanned and returned to CCC by Email only to 


It will be the responsibility of the sender to ensure that copies of Regrading forms that are emailed to CCC are properly scanned and completely legible.


Application forms not completed in full, not signed by the Applicant and his Club Secretary, or not legible will be ruled out of order  


Please note that the Regrading form is the sole opportunity for a player to supply information to support a regrading request. Only the information supplied on the form (together with any attachments) will be taken into account by the CCC in making a regrading decision. There will be NO further opportunity to supply relevant information on this matter. 


The Closing date for receipt of Regrading applications is Midnight on JANUARY 31st 2021. Late applications cannot be accepted.


Regrading is required in all instances where a player wishes to play Championship in 2021 at a lower level than that in which he played in 2020.



Note: For convenience, forms attached are in WORD and PDF format for both HURLING and FOOTBALL.

Hurling Regrading PDF

Hurling Regrading DOC

Football Regrading PDF

Football Regrading DOC