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Match reports.. Sat May 25..
Group 2 Bulls played a well organized Jude’s team.. they played a man down for the entire game and Jude’s were clever and maximized this extra man.. defending in numbers and finding space when attacking.. Jude’s seemed to handle the breezy conditions better with accurate shooting.. The Bulls played well in patches scoring 4-4 in total.. Man of the Match Jack Gallagher.. his “never give up” attitude and crisp skills are a great example for the rest of the team.. there is a general need to  increase the competitive edge.. tackling and handling need to sharpen up too..
Training as usual Tue 21 and Fri 24 .. Comm Games Hurling Team Romans v Marino in St Vincent’s 6:30.. Match report.. Romans beaten unfortunately.. Vincent’s were the better side..!! Tough one, very strong Marino team.. they probably just have the one team, we have two, they were pretty strong.. Vincent’s probably one of the strongest first round opponents the boys could have got..
Matches.. Saturday May 25.. Football..
Group 1.. v Castleknock.. Home.. 12 noon..
Group 2.. v St Jude’s.. Away., 11:30..
Match reports.. Sat May 18..
Group 1.. a local derby in St Anne’s Park taking on Raheny.. We put out four teams and won all four matches.. Team 1 played out of their skins producing some great goals and points.. Very hard to pick a Man of the Match as all played together as one unit.. Teams 2, 3 and 4 played great as well and won fairly handy.. Onwards and Upwards..!! The ref said well done to Zac Dunwoody who blocked and hit everything in sight..!! Bears played great.. Super teamwork, communication was great, covered each other when defending and broke into space when attacking.. Won 5-4 to 1-0.. Ben Kilgallon played amazing for his time in goal.. I’m giving Sam Morgan Man of the Match as I think it was his best game to date..
Group 2.. Difficult first half for all three teams against Ballinteer.. Attitude off and work rate.. Won second halves in games.. We took a bit of a thrashing and lost all three games.. Padraig addressed all the boys after matches.. need more discipline at training and attitude needs changing.. 
Training as usual Tue 14 and Fri 17 .. 
Fri Training doubtful as Community Games Football Group 1 playing Lusk  in Scoil Ui Chonaill Friday at 6:45.. WALKOVER.. Training instead.. Comm Games Hurling B Team also Training Friday at 7:00.. Comm Games Football Team Group 2 play Wed evening May 22 v Marley Grange Away at 7:30.. All support very welcome..!!



Match reports.. Sat May 11..
3 great games this morning. Well done all. Round Towers Lead Mentor very impressed with our lads, said it was their first real test this year.. Boys played very well and can see improvement..


COMMUNITY GAMES HURLING for boys born on or after 1st Aug 2008.. and resident in Clontarf.. 
Training this Saturday May 4th 11am St David’s Artane.
Email for more details.. and to be included in the WhatsApp group for  Community Games Hurling..
Match Reports.. Sat Apr 27..
Group 1 Hurling Blitz v Na Fianna and Ballyboden..
Group 2 Hurling Blitz v Naomh Mearnog and Kilmacud Crokes..
Group 1.. A very windy morning by the airport.. We all played 4 games fairly evenly matched.. Boden were good.. Clontarf 1 drew against them  and we played Na Fianna three times.. won 2, lost 1.. Ian Ross Man of the Match took a few belts but still played on scoring a nice point in the last game.. Getting the ball into hand a bit of a problem again so will need to address this with drills.. Lads got a medal and a goodie bag.. nice touch..



Match Reports.. Thur Apr 25..
Lads did well.. a few hurting from the physical tackles.. Rian Dooley in particular..  Whitehall were very physical but Clontarf were far better at hurling and lifting the ball..!! Need to remember to lift the ball even if opposition are only pulling on the ground.. Think it will stand to the lads.. Whitehall are far from the most physical team out there so we need to toughen up..!! Lifting the key but sometimes striking the ball on the the ground works.. Marking and positioning need to tighten up.. It will toughen up our lads.. Great to see when they get the ball in to their hand that they really started to play well..
It was physical enough but you're gonna get that in hurling with some teams.. We need to be drilling the jab lift.. Getting the ball in hand is key in hurling..! It was a great evening's hurling.. a bit more (clean) physicality at this age is no harm (before they get too big).. Knowing where to be in a tackle is the key to not getting hurt.. A lot of shouting from the sidelines required to keep Team B focused.. 
Sophie Whelan for Whitehall stood out.. yes, a girl..!!! She put it up to Clontarf.. showed a few moves.. hard as nails.. Man of the match by a long shot.. great cut of the ball.. bursting out, getting everything in to hand, pucks from everywhere..even kicks..!!
The C game was the most physical by some margin not helped by their coach encouraging them to pull on everything.. so it was a terrible hockey game about scoring gols and Rian Dooley was the pitch well capable of playing up.. Ball in to the hand is key..!!!


MATCH REPORTS.. Sat Apr 13, 2019..

Three great wins for Group 2 in Naomh Olaf's. Really great football across the three matches. Lots of great scores despite savage wind.  
Group 2 Lions had a great win today. Overall great team performance. Pickups were excellent, team play was much better today, defence very strong too and they won 2-4 to no score. All boys played well with a particularly strong match from Cathal McAdam and Cahrlie Bourke.
Group 2 Bulls played very well and won out comfortably in the end. Some great passing (short and lng) and scores in very difficult conditions.  A number of really good plays down the wings and running into space which was also great to see. Some great blocking from Terry Og McAdam.
Good win for the Group 2 Cheetahs who were behind at half time due to the wind. Great passing and good use of the ball in the second half, good scoring with a swirling wind, they didn't let Olaf's out of their half. 
Group 1 Antelopes were up against a very strong Boden team. Best football team seen so far this year. We need to tighten up on the marking in training.
Group 1 Cougars put in a great team performance. Great movement and use of the hand pass and short kick pass to keep play moving. The lads used the wings a lot instead of going down the centre.
Group 1 Bears had a very good first half and controlled the match, but second half the wind picked up  and we conceded too many kick outs which resulted in a lot of goals/points for Boden.


Match Reports Sat  Apr 6, 2019..

Group 2 Bulls did really well today, big improvements in lifting, hitting on the move and bursting in to space with the ball before hitting it. All the team did very well. Just keep working on the above. Having a good free taker in LM (Lochlann Murray) helped - suggest we add a station for this.
Group 2 Lions struggled in the first half but improved in the second half and much better performance. Good work on the pickups and bursting as directed but some boys still not at that level and need to work on it.
Group 1 Bears played great today, moving for each other and great awareness. They fought hard and kept a clean sheet and managed a few points along the way. Other coaches were complimenting our hand passing. Dylan Murphy joined the Bears and assisted with the victory.
Group 1 Antelopes played very well also. Ronan Feerick for Man of the Match. Free taking to be addressed. Some nice scores taken as well especially a goal at the end by Eanna Hurley.


Group 1 Antelopes played great. A little slow to start but as soon as they got going they were super. Clontarf won a lot of Ballinteer's kick outs and scored from them but Clontarf also had some great phases of passing to score. The Antelopes won 3-15 to 2-7. Things to work on in training are improving our passing and running into space to take on a pass. Overall though the Antelopes played great and got better as the game went on.
Group 2 Lions played really well particularly in the first half. Played as a team and tried to pass and move the ball well. Dinged a few times for picking up the ball and marking could improve but great work from them all. Cathal McAdam (yet again..!) was best player on the pitch. Lions won the match.
Group 2 Cheetahs had a powerful game with a really strong team performance all the way through. They won by around 10 points in the end. Great battle against a good opposing team and not a word of backchat to the ref. Great lads the lot of them.
Group 2 Bulls played well and were ahead with 5 to go, good passing and some good scores. Things to work on in training with 5 a-side games: on the ball speed of action, tackling, breaking the tackle and competing.
Well done to all the boys.. and all the Moms and Dads for bringing them to training and matches every week....!! Thank you..!!


Match reports Mar 23rd

Group 1's hurling matches  v St Brigids went very well.. The Antelopes drew, the ref giving us a few skill points for the hook which we needed but overall a good game.. Great to see plenty of hooking and blocking from our lads.. The Cougars played great, hooking, blocking, passing, ball in hand, all good.. They didnt concede a point even when under pressure.. Sam Morgan, Ian Ross, Oliver Saunders and Charlie Winters men of the match.. If it was to go to just one it would have to be Ian Ross for Man of the Match.. Well done lads..


Tough games against Na Fianna for Group 2 with another Man of the Match performance from Ivan Tew for the Lions.. The Bulls had a great battle with Na Fianna with stand out performances from Gary Spring, Ollie Daly, Terry Og McAdam and Ryan Caffrey (Ryan defending for Clontarf all by himself at times.. well done Ryan..!!).. Great puck outs from Oscar Cunningham in goal and some good fielding from Lochlann Murray.. David Ryan, Luke Flanagan and Diarmaid O'Brien put great pressure on the Na Fianna front and back three.. A very good performance overall with two pointers at the end of the game - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE lifting the ball - jab lift and roll lift.. AND no STATUES on the pitch, everyone must get stuck in to the game, in to rucks, chasing, marking.. David Ryan's Dad suggested a "sweat test" at the end of each game to see who put in a full shift.. great idea..!!!



MATCH REPORTS.. Mar 16th, 2017..

While the Group 2 games over in Kilmacud games were called off due to the weather/pitch conditions, the sturdy folk of Clontarf went ahead with the Group 1 home games v Clanna Gael.. despite the wind, cold and rain the Group 1 U10 Boys won 3 games out of 3.. well done to all.. three great team performances by all accounts.. a good morning of football...




Match reports .. Sat Mar 9, 2019..

Group 1 had hurling matches away to Kilmacud Crokes.. the Antelopes got beaten by a good few points.. some of the Kilmacud Crokes lads looked a little older and could really hurl and take their points.. great blocking by Clontarf though..
The Bears played a great game with work needed on the one handed roll back lift in rucks.. Some of our lads were getting caught out with too many solos.. and a bit of work on the weaker side would be beneficial.. some lads got caught out turning on to their stronger side and getting blocked, but a win is a win..
The Group 2 Lions played very well in their hurling match against Fingallians in testing conditions with particular strong performances from Mikey O'Neill and Samuel Galvin.. 
It was a similar story for the Cheetahs with Tom Joyce and and Terry Og McAdam putting in All-Star performances.. 
For the Bulls there were two very strong performances from Gary Spring and Ollie Daly.. great battling from Jack Gallagher too.. Gary, Diarmaid O'Brien and Lochlann Murray played very well too while "on loan" to Fingallians who were short on players.. 
Across Group 2 the matches were good although conditions were not ideal.. we all need to practice the the one handed roll back lift in rucks and in training some 2 on 2 games practicing this skill might reduce the tentativeness of some of the boys too.. some work on the block and hook needed too..



"BUSY TIMES".....!!!
Busy schedule for the U10 Boys.. Training Tuesday evenings DCC (5:55pm).. Training Friday evenings Club Astro (5:45pm).. and MATCHES on Saturday mornings... with all this activity you'd expect to see an improvement.. and boy do you....!!! Great performances all round.. keep it up boys..!!
GROUP 1.. Away v Fingalians Football..
Very strong performances across the board with all three teams winning.. 
The Bears played really well overall and won comfortably.. Could have won by more but missed a few shots.. 
The Antelopes put away a lot of points in the first half and some great handpassing throughout. A fair few wides so need to address a bit of target shooting at training.. kicking the ball over the bar on the run.. well done to all involved this morning.. 
Great team performance by the Cougars.. the boys tried for points when in front of goal.. great use of the handpass to keep the ball moving..
GROUP 2 .. Home v Fingalians Football..
Likewise three very strong performances today with big wins in all three games.. 
The Lions played very well. Some great passing and points taken.. Mikey O'Neill played extremely well as did Tom Joyce with some great blocking.. 
The Cheetahs played great team football with a Man of the Match performance from Ivan Tew.. Fingalians were a few men down so Cathal McAdam, Daniel Sweeney and Dylan McKeown offered to play for the visitors and put in strong performances to settle the Fingalians side..!! Thanks lads..!! Charlie Bourke and Terry Og McAdam kept the engine purring and David Ryan, Ronan Briody and Sean Giles chased, hassled and scored right up to the final whistle.. A great team effort..
Match Reports.. Sat Feb 23, 2019.. 
Group 1 Home v Vincents Hurling.. 
Cougars put up a big score 14-5 : 0-1 and the 1 was an own point from Conor McDermott shooting the wrong way just after half time..!! Ben Kilgallon, Charlie Winters, Joseph McGuigan and Rian Dooley all had very good games and look set for a move within the group.. Everyone played well and nearly everyone scored.. Need to continue working on their lifting..! For the Bears, Donagh Kirwan, Bruce Ryan and Ian Ross had notably strong games..
Group 2 Away v Castleknock
Over in Castleknock, the boys won both games.. even though they were short two players in both games..!! The Bears had a great tussle with Castleknock with Ollie Daly superb in defence, ably assisted by Ryan Caffrey, Jack Gallagher and Diarmaid O'Brien. Gary Spring was a powerhouse in midfield (and beyond.!) with some fine fielding and striking by Lochlann Murray. Up front David Ryan, Luka Hodson and Daniel Sweeney.   Great team effort. Well done.
Sunday Feb 24...  last day of the GORMANSTOWN Ground Hurling Tournament.. Well done to all the lads.. 6 weeks of great performances by all involved.. The boys did the club proud.. Well done and thanks to all the mentors who helped out... Great few weeks and boys had fun and learnt a lot from the sessions..
Hitting the ground running...….
Matches finally resumed last weekend and the boys took up where they left off... competitive football matches at home and away against Kilmacud and Castleknock...
Group 1 "Bears" won by 2 points against Kilmacud.. everyone played their part on a great team performance with Donnacha Hargaden having a particularly good game in defence and scoring some nice points at the other end too.. well done "Bears"
Group 1 "Antelopes" also had a very competitive game and lost by a few points.. once again everyone contributed but the star player was Eanna Hurley who wasn't afraid to "get stuck in".. Great to see them back playing..
Group 2 "Cheetahs" had a narrow win.. they were a bit rusty to start with lads trying to kick "no look" 30 yard passes..!! Big improvement in the 2nd half where their short passing game paid dividends.. some great scores from Ryan Caffrey and special mention to Luke Flanagan for two point blank saves..  
Group 2 "Lions" had a slow start with difficulties finding a man from the kick out.. Samuel Galvin and Charlie Bourke's efforts improved that situation.. Oisin Egan and Tom Joyce were tough in defence both showing a "never give up" attitude.. Patrick Doody, Mark Mooney Masterson and Ivan Tew did their best to find space and retain possession but Castleknock were constantly hustling.. A big effort in the second half saw great improvement and the match ended fair and square in a draw, according to the ref....!!
On Sunday, the Gormanstown squad headed north again to the indoor hurling games.. both teams played extremely well.. 2 wins out of 2.. Hard to pick out the star players but the joint award goes to Fionn Trimble in game 1 who found the back of the net a couple of times and Luke Flanagan in game 2 who also scored and pulled on everything.. two tough physical encounters against Crumlin and Whitehall.. Always good to come out on top but even better to see all the lads "getting stuck in".... 
After a lot of preparation, finally the time has come for.... MATCHES....!!!!! 
Weeks of training, 3 times a week, have seen a big advance in the skill levels and all the U10's are now ready for action...… you've been warned Kilmacud and Castleknock....!!!!
SATURDAY FEB 16th, 2019..
GROUP 1.. 
HOME.. St David's Sports Ground.. 
Meet at 0945..
AWAY.. Castleknock, Porterstown Park..
Meet at 1030..
As per usual, TEAMER notification sent out.. please ACCEPT or decline by Friday evening for inclusion in a Saturday team.. Please respond whether available or not.. 



Busy... busy... busy....!!!! That would be a fair description of our first full week of the new season but it appears to have gone pretty well.. With potentially four sessions per week this is going to take a lot more organisation on the part of the mentors to ensure everything runs smoothly and we get the most out of each session.. 
The creation of "training groups" is a step in that direction.. Now the boys when they turn up for training, know their bib colour and can head straight away to their first training station..
So here we go for another "full" week..
Tuesday Jan 22.. Hurling and Football.. Training.. DCC Alfie Bryne Road.. 1755-1900..
Friday Jan 25.. Hurling and Football.. Training.. Club Astro, Seafield Road West..1745-1840..
Saturday Jan 26.. Hurling and Football.. Training.. St David's, Artane.. 1000-1130..
Sunday Jan 27.. Gormanstown Hurling Tournament.. Gormanstown College.. 1545-1700..
You'll receive a TEAMER notification prior to each event (a lot, we know..!!) but please ACCEPT or decline as soon as possible so we can best plan and execute all of our sessions and matches..!!
A very Happy New Year to everyone.. 
New Year.. 2019.. New season.. New name.. Clontarf Boys U10..  
Hope Santa delivered plenty of hurls, sliotars, gumshields, shinguards, shorts, jerseys, socks, footballs, gloves, etc around the Clontarf area in preparation for a brand new season - CLONTARF BOYS U10 (born 2009)… Let's go....!!!!
You by now have received the email from Padraig detailing the plan for the season ahead. 
There is a new venue (St David's Sports Grounds, St David's Wood, BEAUMONT) which will be used for HOME games and training on SATURDAYS 1000-1115.. 
There's a new TRAINING session on FRIDAYS 1740-1840 Club Astro Seafield Road West.. 
And we still have our TUESDAY TRAINING session 1755-1900 on the DCC All Weather pitches Alfie Byrne Road (same as last year).. 
It'll be a busy season so we ask you to be sure to check TEAMER for notifications and ACCEPT or Decline AS SOON AS POSSIBLE... anyone who is having trouble with TEAMER or is not receiving emails from Padraig please contact Padraig on 0868274147..
One last item to mention for now.. we are entering 2 teams into the Gormanstown Indoor Hurling Tournament. The tournament lasts for 6 weeks and takes place every SUNDAY from January 20th to February 24th.. Games are 30 mins long and will either start from 1600-1630 or from 1630-1700.. Can you please let Padraig know by this Saturday (Jan 13th) if your son is interested in taking part in the tournament.. 
Saturday/Dé Sathairn January 12th, 2019.. 
GROUP 1 and GROUP 2....
TRAINING - Hurling and Football.. 1000am sharp.. remember to bring hurl, helmet and GUMSHIELD..
NEW VENUE.. ST DAVIDS Sports Grounds, St Davids Wood, BEAUMONT... if you can find your way to the McDonalds beside Artane Castle SC, you're very close...!!! If you can hear the Artane Band playing, you're even closer....!!!!



SAME Groups.. due to the great enthusiasm of the boys and the great support from their parents, we continue to have really good numbers for this Under 10 group.. nearly 80 in total.. so we will maintain TWO groups.. GROUP 1 and GROUP 2.. the boys remain in the group they were in last year..


SAME TEAMER.. as before, TEAMER is the main mode of communication....


PRIORITY #1.... HAVE FUN.....!!!!!!


Please check this page before the weekend in case of any changes due to weather etc.

For football boys must have a gumshield. You can get them in An Siopa our club shop (Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm).

For hurling boys should have their own hurl/camán and helmet. Hurls are also available in An Siopa with some helmets also available there. Shin guards are also recommended.

Please make sure your sons bring uisce/water with them. Playing is thirsty work.


Group 1   Group 2
BOLGER, Reuben   BOURKE, Charlie
BURKE, Alfie   BREDICAN, Charlie
BYRNE, Adam   BRIODY, Ronan
DUNWOODY, Zachary   CORLETT, Matthew
FEERICK, Ronan   DALY, Ollie
HOGAN, Matthew   GALLAGHER, Jack
HURLEY, Eanna   GALVIN, Samuel
JORDAN, Dylan   GILES, Sean
KELLY McHUGH, Ruadhan   HODSON, Luka
KIRWAN, Donagh   McADAM, Cathal
LOWRY, Max   McADAM, Terry Og
McDERMOTT, Conor   McIVOR, Conor
McGUIGAN, Joseph   McKEOWN, Dylan
MURPHY, Max   MURRAY, Lochlann
NEFF, Ernie   NESBITT, Sean
NIKOOKAM, Daniel   O'BRIEN, Diarmaid
NUGENT, Eoghan   O'NEILL, Mikey
O'REILLY, Patrick   POWER, Alex
ROSS, Ian   REEVES, Senan
RYAN, Bruce   ROBERTS, Tom
RYAN, Connell   RYAN, Adam
RYAN, Sokeen   RYAN, David
TRIMBLE, Fionn   SWEENEY, Daniel
WALSH, Ronan   TEW, Ivan
    TILLY, Lewis



We have a great group of mentors but we are always looking for more helping hands especially with matches across North County Dublin. So if you're interested in helping out just get stuck in and chat to Padraig or any of the mentors.

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U11 Mentors 2020

Padraig Giles 086-8274147
Rónán Gallagher (Group 1) 087-2279579
Fergal O'Brien (Group 2) 086-8549134


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