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Nollag/December 2018 - Fiche Ceisteanna with Katie Murray

Our sixth Club Focus interviewee is Katie Murray one of our Intermediate Peil na mBan players and a member of the Áth Cliath Senior panel in 2018. 

GRMA Stephen.

1. Name, Team and Playing Position
Katie Murray, Fullback
2. How long have you been playing for Cluain Tarbh?
Since I was 5
3. Spaghetti Bolognese or Thai Red Curry?
Love a good Bolognese
4. Who were your childhood sporting heroes?
Katie Taylor
5. Connemara or Costa Del Sol?
6. What is your best memory of playing for Cluain Tarbh?
'Three Chips'
7. Do you have any superstitions/routines before you play a match?
Eat pasta run fasta
8. If you could pick one place in the world to live where would it be?
9. Which player is the worst trainer on your team?
Siobhan Killeen
10. Whats your favourite ground to play at?
Pitch 34/35
11. Do you have any nicknames?
12. What match did you most enjoy playing in?
The County Final this year
13. If you weren’t playing football/hurling/camogie what sport would you most like to play?
14. Cinema or theatre?
15. If you were part of the rules committee what one thing would you change about the game?
I'd get rid of the Yellow Card sin bin
16. Paperback or Kindle?
What are those?
17. Who is the toughest opponent you’ve ever played against?
Eabha Rutledge
18. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
19. Any pieces of advice for juvenile players?

Make sure to practice using both hands and both feet. As you progress you wont have a 'weak' hand or 'weak' foot and you will be a threat to any opposition

And of course enjoy playing the game

20. Whats your favourite word or expression?
'Only messin'

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Clontarf, Dublin 3.

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Club Pitches - Páirceanna
Pitches 19, 21, 23, 30 St. Anne's Park (Juvenile)
Pitches 34, 35 St. Anne's Park (Adult). St. Paul's College, Sybill Hill (Nursery).
St. David's Artane, DCC, Alfie Byrne Road (Juvenile)