Iúil/July 2015 - Fiche Ceisteanna with Fiona Coghlan


Our first Club Focus interviewee is Fiona Coghlan, 2013 Sportswoman of The Year and Captain of the Irish Ladies Rugbaí team who won the 6 Nations Grand Slam in 2013 and finished 4th in the World Cup last year.
Many of the team came from a GAA background and Fiona is no different and since retiring from International rugbaí she is back playing Peil na mBan with Cluain Tarbh.

We posed her 20 questions!


GRMA Fiona!


  1. Name, Team and Playing Position Fiona Coghlan, Ladies team, full forward

  2. How long have you been playing for Cluain Tarbh? First started in 1997 and played intermittently since then.

  3. Spaghetti Bolognese or Thai Red Curry? Thai Red Curry

  4. Who were your childhood sporting heroes? Steffi Graf, I was engrossed in Wimbledon then and still am today

  5. Connemara or Costa Del Sol? Connemara with or without sun

  6. What is your best memory of playing for Cluain Tarbh? I got to play alongside childhood friends.

  7. Do you have any superstitions/routines before you play a match?No don't believe in them because I find they can unsettle players if for some reason you can't get through your routine.

  8. If you could pick one place in the world to live where would it be? If I could afford to buy a house in Clontarf I would be very happy with that.

  9. Which player is the worst trainer on your team? Haha Helen Cliffe. Very committed player but only ever wants to do backs and forwards and complains when she doesn't get to do it.

  10. Whats your favourite ground to play at? I think the pitches in St Anne's would be the envy of most clubs, immaculately maintained. Parnells have a great setup with their new clubhouse and all weather pitch but their main pitch is not as good as pitch 34 or 35.

  11. Do you have any nicknames? I'm sure I have been called lots of things but the only name to stick was FiFi, so I got off fairly lightly.

  12. What match did you most enjoy playing in? This season possibly the league game against Ballinteer on their all weather pitch, I just felt I contributed most in that game.

  13. If you weren’t playing football what sport would you most like to play?  Back playing rugby again.

  14. Cinema or theatre? Haven't been to either in a while but probably the theatre.

  15. If you were part of the rules committee what one thing would you change about the game? In the women's game I would probably introduce a bit more contact to make it a bit more of a challenge, it would probably suit my game more.

  16. Paperback or Kindle? Paperback

  17. Who is the toughest opponent you’ve ever played against? Angie McNally (Ballinteer St. John's) back in my the day I used to have to chase her around the midfield.

  18. Where is your favourite holiday destination? I loved Boston when I was out there one summer playing Gaelic but equally enjoyed South Africa. Anywhere in Ireland does the job for me on an annual basis.

  19. Any pieces of advice for juvenile players? Get out, enjoy it and always want to learn and push yourself.

  20. Whats your favourite word or expression? On the pitch "recycle" or "my ball"


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Club Pitches - Páirceanna
Pitches 19, 21, 23, 30 St. Anne's Park (Juvenile)
Pitches 34, 35 St. Anne's Park (Adult). St. Paul's College, Sybill Hill (Nursery).
St. David's Artane, DCC, Alfie Byrne Road (Juvenile)