As part of our #HealthyClub activities we are encouraging all players/mentors/parents and members to follow the following guidelines to keep our pitches in St. Anne's Park and other locations litter free to help protect the environment. We expect all members to follow the same when visiting other clubs and would ask visiting clubs to also respect our pitches.

  • Use a re-usable water bottle to cut down on the use of single use plastics
  • If you do bring a single use bottle please ensure you bring it home and recycle it
  • Parents attending matches with disposable coffee cups please ensure they are disposed in a bin or brought home (or invest in a cup for life)
  • If you are giving out fruit like orange segments please ensure the skin/peels are collected
  • If cold spray aerosol cans are used please ensure they are disposed off correctly once empty
  • If giving out items at the end of blitzes please consider items that can be recycled easily, juice pouches like Capri-Sun etc are typically not recyclable as they are made from foil
  • At the end of a match as well as bringing in the nets and flags please give a quick eye for any of the above or items of clothes etc. Our pitch maintenance team do a great job and please help them keep our pitched in good condition




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Club Pitches - Páirceanna
Pitches 19, 21, 23, 30 St. Anne's Park (Juvenile)
Pitches 34, 35 St. Anne's Park (Adult). St. Paul's College, Sybill Hill (Nursery).
St. David's Artane, DCC, Alfie Byrne Road (Juvenile)